Our Chapel History


This little chapel began not as a dream of one couple but by the hand of God pushing and pulling one couple, Dick and Kathy Dickinson, who came here in March 1999 to purchase a lot. They retired in May 1999 and took off traveling. When they purchased they noticed an old wooden cross on the mountain overlooking the resort and both commented to each other as they left that they felt God might have a work for them here. Their idea was to teach Bible Studies. God’s idea was Rancho California Chapel.

The idea to have a church service here had been planted in their mind by a salesperson, however, the actual work for the service was not promoted by anyone. They actually started with 4 people, two of them were Dick and Kathy. Dick taught with a turned over milk crate and Kathy led prayer and singing by using a Bose radio and cds. The chapel had rough beginnings with some voicing support but no help was given, others were underhanded in their objections and caused a lot of oppression for the chapel. However, God heard the prayers of Dick and Kathy to send just one couple who would be supportive of the ministry and that he did in 2004 when he sent numerous couples with various abilities to help with the vision.

The first offering was taken in 2001 fall after a sweet young couple named Tammy and Drew Davis spoke and shared their desire to go to Newcastle, England to serve in ministry. We began taking an offering then and that was the beginning of God pouring out His blessings slowly on us. We then met Dr. Ana and Dr. Bill Moody who were considering giving up their practices in Fallbrook and going to China. This was in 2004 and once again we decided to support them on a monthly basis.

By now we support eight missions: one local to our needy and poor and another to the troups in Afganistan and then six oversea missions. We feel that because of the generousity of this chapel, God has abundantly poured out His blessings on us.

Our founding pastor, Dr. Dick Dickinson, was taken home to be with his Lord on Nov. 21, 2009 after 2 ½ years of lung cancer. Now a new well lit cross stands on the mountain overlooking the resort in memory of Dick and in praise to God for His loving hand in the molding of this chapel here at Rancho California RV Resort.